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Perfectly matched Hardware-Software Solutions

Customers want the ability to choose between different options in terms of design, functionality and hardware. With our DIGIMIC portfolio, which can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of specific industries, we can perfectly respond to the needs of its customers.The advantage of such differentiation means the customer gets a much better “fit” out of their DIGIMIC solution.

The new Conferencing software brählerOS development by Brähler offers you the perfect tool for conducting the widest variety of efficient and smooth conferences. The network-based, modern client-server architecture enables the distribution of various conference applications such as microphone control, registration of the delegates and voting management to various terminals. This provides the individual operator with an intuitive task-optimised surface foreasy and effective operation. With brählerOS, we designed a completely new and future-proof conference software for management, preparation, control, and wrap-up of one or more conferences based on the DIGIMIC hardware family. (DIGIMIC classic, DIGIMIC modular, DIGIMIC signature)

Each event can be set up globally and controlled locally within one conference room, in parallel operation between multiple conference rooms or even in a flexible combination of different rooms.

smart Conferencing brochure