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DIGIMIC CamControl2 bundle

Unique Camera System All-in-one solution

With the DIGIMIC® camera system you have always set the stage for your conference. Robotic PTZ cameras, Brähler CamControl2 software and a video matrix switcher guarantee the best possible images.

Our CameraControl2 software registers requests to speak and controls the cameras for the corresponding conference delegate.

During the respective speaking time the other cameras position themselves to take the following speakers into the picture. Only when the microphone is switched on will the next camera and thus the next speaker be switched over. Unpleasant camera movements do not occur.

The PTZ cameras make it possible to record almost all angles of a conference room. Multiple positions of different cameras can be programmed and provided with a quality level for each individual delegate. CamControl2 ensures that the next free camera with the best possible position always takes the speaker into the picture.