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Fully digital all-in-one conference system with unique flexibility

CDSVAN meets the highest technical demands. Its flexible functions as well as its unique integration and networking capabilities make CDSVAN the leading DSP-based. The real-time digital audio processing without any audio compression ensures first-class audio quality. Tailored to the needs of the customer, CDSVAN enables discussions, identifications, interpreting, voting and recording. Even the design of the microphone units can be adapted to your individual requests.

But CDSVAN's primary achievement lies in its blend of software and hardware. One particular advantage is that no additional hardware is required to expand the system because CDSVAN is already extensively equipped with effect modules and mixing consoles and programmed in such a way that additions can be easily made through software expansions. And not just within the system: CDSVAN is already compatible with a high number of hardware and software products of other manufacturers and can be easily integrated into existing systems. Compromises between good sound quality, complexity and ease of use are a thing of the past with CDSVAN.

DSP – Digital signal processor

Digital signal processors (DSP) are high-performance processors specialised in the processing of digital audio signals. Video signals are also sometimes processed. This enables an efficiency, stability and precision in the calculation of digital audio signals that allows a high number of audio channels to be simultaneously transmitted, processed and distributed in the highest quality in real time. In combination with analogue-to-digital converters (such as Brähler B8), nearly all audio sources can be integrated into the DSP world so that even analogue audio signals can profit from DSP technology.


The CDSVAN system stands out due to its open architecture. Among other things, this means that it is possible to connect it to existing systems or expand it with additional software components without a problem. Even complex additional systems such as modern media control systems or controlling via an IP network can be realised using CDSVAN. Delegate units as table-top microphone consoles as well as installation versions such as the DV9 are used for this. Conference delegates can use these not only to participate in discussions but also to vote with the aid of five function buttons. And as a professional conference system, CDSVAN offers up to 32 audio channels. Organisers can identify and administrate every delegate in the conference space via an integrated card reader and an internal ID database. It doesn't matter which seat a delegate takes during a conference because the system and thereby the conference chair can find and assign the delegates to specific microphone units at any time via the geographic seat display or via the request list. The microphone stations are also available as PV9 presidential units with priority switching. For the interpreters there is the DOLV interpreter console that is appealing due to its streamlined, elegant and ergonomic design as well as its numerous functions such as the ability to set up to five relay languages.

Relay interpreting

No simultaneous interpreter can be expected to have a command of all the languages required. For this reason, some booths are designated as pivot booths for interpreting into certain "standard languages" such as English, French or Spanish from which interpreting into a target language is possible. The original language may be Finnish, for example, and interpreting may be carried out into Portuguese via the relay language of French.

Audio quality

The name CDSVAN stands for a combination of a conference system (Congress Data System) with real-time digital audio processing (Virtual Audio Network). This real-time audio processing of CDSVAN offers the unique option of optimally processing and distributing audio signals from a central point with the aid of pre-integrated software effects modules and mixing consoles. Language signals are also made available in your choice of audio formats. This enables the CDSVAN system to deliver and guarantee one-of-a-kind sound quality. The microphones can also be adapted to the room acoustics and let the sound to be reproduced in a targeted direction through the PA system. CDSVAN is equipped with a full set of virtual audio devices.These devices enable further optimisation of the sound quality, even under the most difficult acoustic conditions. CDSVAN from Brähler therefore stands for a diversity of audio distribution options never possible before in conference technology.

Audio formats possible with CDSVAN
  • S/PDIF
  • ADAT
  • ASIO

Custom designs and equipment

The combination of flexibility, equipment, adaptability, sound quality and customisability options is a special advantage of CDSVAN. The standard version microphone units consist of a black/silver impact-resistant plastic housing and have a naturally anodised aluminium control panel. Other colours are also available upon request. This makes it possible to add a personal touch to the microphone consoles or to adapt them to the interior. The front panel equipped with up to 20 buttons enables the integration of customised special functions into the delegate units. All types of installation solutions can also be realised with CDSVAN. This enables the system to also be visually integrated into the concept of an event building while simultaneously enabling integration with its technology.