Central unit in compact format

DCen mini central unit
Central unit DCen mini connection side

DCen mini MkII – central unit
Art.-No. 05.0430

DCen mini – Product information

DCen mini MkII

The DCen mini central control unit controls all connected delegate units of the DIGIMIC system, configures them automatically and processes the digital audio signals further.

The DCen mini independently masters three different operating modes:

  • AUT
  • and VOX

3 delegate microphones can be opened simultaneously. Further operating modes can be controlled via MicControl2 software or brählerOS.

The DCen mini has an RJ45 connector to which up to 25 delegate units can be connected. As soon as a unit is connected to the central control unit, it is immediately ready for use without any further settings.

The DCen mini also has a USB port that can be used to record conferences without much effort – simply by pressing a button.

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