Interpreter console for two interpreters

Interpreter console DOL7 for two interpreters

Infracom DOL7/2E – interpreter console
Art.-No. 04.2541.07

DOL7/2E – Product information


Interpreter console DOL7/2 for 2 interpreters is designed for transmission of 1+6 channels (6 languages).

The DOL7/2 is connected to the central unit or the next interpreter console using single-cable technology.

The control panel is divided into clearly arranged function fields:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Special functions

The controls are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

On the two function fields “Listening” the listening channel is preselected with a 6-step rotary switch. The interpreter uses a toggle switch to select between this RELAIS listening channel and the floor channel.
floor channel. Volume, treble and bass can also be adjusted separately for both sides.

Special features

  • Panel for 2 interpreters
  • 1+6 channels
  • Connection in single-cable loop-through technology
  • 3 preselectable output channels A/B/C
  • processor controlled functions
  • Display of the output language according to ISO639
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