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a simultaneous interpretation system that wirelessly manages many languages via one system using infrared light

INFRACOM is a comfortable and reliable simultaneous interpretation system that works wirelessly using infrared light audio transmission. The system is also compatible with the Brähler conference systems DIGIMIC, CDSVAN or AUTOMIC without restrictions. INFRACOM can send and translate language signals from one person to the next via up to 32 channels and languages. To do this, the system makes use of infrared Band II and Band IV and, primarily with the latter, guarantees interference-free transmission of content – even in sunlight or under extremely bright artificial lighting. And it works for large-scale congresses as well as for smaller conferences.

Data transmission using infrared light

Infrared light has a wide variety of applications in our technological world – including data transmission. While infrared interfaces in mobile phones are being increasingly replaced by Bluetooth, infrared continues to be used for controlling gaming consoles or for photoelectric sensors. Brähler Systems makes use of infrared light in its conference technology to transmit audio signals via two communication channels called frequency bands. Band II and Band IV are used in the INFRACOM system. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a special wavelength that is used for technical communication.

Switch to Band IV as needed

Interference generated through switched lighting systems or energy-saving lamps (particularly the harmonic waves of these devices) can potentially cause problems with the receiving of infrared light and negatively impact the quality of the transmission. If this should be the case, INFRACOM can shift the usable channels up to the upper frequency range or completely into the interference-resistant Band IV range as needed, thereby guaranteeing flawless functionality.


The INFRACOM system consists of the MSI8D compact transmitter (8 channels), the DOL7/2 interpreter console (1+ 6 channels), the IRad high-power radiator and the IRX conference receiver (2, 12 or 32 channels). The DOLV digital interpreter console (within CDSVAN) is available for systems with more than 8 channels. The system is fed by an audio signal from a conference system such as DIGIMIC, CDSVAN, CDS200 or AUDIOMIC and is also compatible with other audio sources. The audio signal (microphone, video conference, telephone, tape, etc.) is usually fed directly from a discussion system or via the outputs of a from a mixing console into the transmitter or control console. The audio signals are processed in the transmitter or control console. Compact transmitters such as MSI8D or ICen IV (8 channels in Band II or Band IV) transmit the language channels to the infrared transmitters via coaxial cable.

In detail, this means that the presenter speaks into the microphone and interpreters translate simultaneously into the corresponding language. This is also possible the other way around with the simultaneous interpreters translating questions from the audience into the presenter's language. All delegates receive their own INFRACOM receiver (IRX) as well as headphones enabling them to hear the language of their choice. The handhelds (IRX32) are designed for single-handed use and can be set to the desired number of channels (12 or 32 in total) and the required volume.

Performance characteristics (Band II and IV)

  • up to 32 channels
  • compatible with all popular infrared systems
  • conforms to the international standards IEC914, IEC61603-3 and IEC61603-7
  • the INFRACOM receivers operate for up to 75 hours
  • unaffected by sunlight
  • channel shift mode to avoid interference through light control
  • quick and easy setup
  • customised solutions possible