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DIGIMIC CamControl2 bundle


  • Robotic PTZ cameras, 3G-SDI
  • Best possible image selection
  • No camera movements of the live image
  • Multiple cameras can be stored per seat
  • Programmable home input if no speaker is active
  • Seamless Switching
  • Up to 4 cameras and 1 DCen control unit with 100 or more delegate units

Technical data

  • 3G-SDI FullHD PTZ camera
  • 2.07 megapixel
  • 12x optical zoom
  • IP VISCA protocol
  • 3G-SDI Seamless Video Switcher
  • 4x SDI input
  •  2x SDI output


Package consisting of

  • 1x CamControl2 software
  • 2x PTZ980 3G-SDI camera
  • 1x VMS602 video switcher


System components
System software
Brähler CamControl2
for Windows10 64bit
Article no.: S4.1370

Supported Central Control Units
Article no.: 05.0050
Article no.: 05.0010
DCen mini
Article no.: 05.0410

Video components
Video Matrix Switcher
Article no.: 07.3787

3G-SDI PTZ camera
Article no.: 07.0920

DIGIMIC technology

Digital audio

  • latency time approx 1 ms
  • low susceptibility to mobile phone interference like bluetooth, UMTS, WiFi etc.
  • high quality digital audio: Sample Rate: 48 kHzFrequency response: 20 - 20,000 H
  • voice channels: OR + 7 language channels
  • 32 voice channels off autumn 2016

Audio device interfaces

  • ADAT input and output
  • AES/EBU input and output (XLR)
  • One analogue input (IN) XLR balanced
  • Five analogue outputs XLR-plug: 1 Master+ 1 separate for each line
  • Dante port 

Channel Selection

  • 5 function keys for channel selection, voting and further functionality
  • 256 x 32 OLED display (automaticbrightness adjustment)

Connection of units

  • UNITS L1 ... L4 (D9 connector) for up to 100 delegate units on four chains
  • or several interpreter consoles on one chain and delegate units on the other chains
  • line extension with power supply DExt

Microphone Modes

  • AUTomatic - Each delegate can switch himself on and off
  • AUTomatic NEXT/FLOAT
  • MANual - Each delegate can put himself into a request list
  • PRIOrity - Chairperson can override all other delegates
  • VOX - Voice activation