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Channel Selector Central Unit CSX4

The DIGIMIC Channel Selector Central Unit CSX4 connects the channel selectors DIGIMIC CS with the DIGIMIC system. The conference participants easily select their preferred language from up to 32 language channels. Up to 160 DIGIMIC Channel Selectors can be connected via CAT5 cable to a CSX4 unit using the four independent unit chain outputs.

The system offers you a compact and cost-effective solution for your language distribution.
The DIGIMIC CSX4 operates with the highest degree of security. Separate power supplies for the individual chain outputs ensure that the complete system failure is virtually impossible. In addition, LEDs on the front indicate possible faults (e.g. cable damage)– these can also be quickly perceived visually and rectified.

To increase the number of channel selectors and/or the number of channel selector lines the CSX4 unit is cascadable,  allowing an almost infinite number of units to be combined. A cable length of up to 100m is possible between the CSX4 and channel selectors or another CSX4.



-  19”  rack mountable, 2 HU

-  4 redundant / independent power supplies

-  4x channel selector outputs (RJ45) for up to 160channel selectors  (40 units / line)

-  Previous and next sockets for connection to the DIGIMIC system Bus and cascading CSX4 units.

-  LED indication

   - Line “Power” (green LED)

   - Line “Connect” of units (yellow LED)

   - Line “Error” information (red LED)

- Switching Power Supply 90-240V~

DIGIMIC CS Channel Selector

The DIGIMIC CS is the compact and inexpensive solution for listening to multi-channel audio signals of a conference. The conference delegates can choose from 32 language channels. Channel number and volume can be controlled via an illuminated display.

Numerous DIGIMIC CS units can be connected via the DIGIMIC CSX4 language selector central unit. The CSX4 has four outputs - up to 40 DIGIMIC CS units are possible per output. In addition, several CSX4 units can be connected in series, allowing an almost infinite number of units to be combined. A cable length of up to 100m is possible between theindividual units.

Due to its small size, the DIGIMIC CS can be easily integrated into tables or armrests. The DIGIMIC CS has a standard headphone connection (3.5mm) which allows the connection of mono or stereo headphones.