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DIGIMIC DCen32: Central unit for 32 channels

with Dante audio interface

  • the DCen32 central control unit controls all connected delegate units within the DIGIMIC32 channel discussion system, automatically configures them and directs the digital audio exactly where you need it.
  • Includes all popular microphone modes, including automatic, push to talk and speaking, voting (with CMicCSV), chairman priority and VIP management.
  • offers four independently operated D9 outputs for connecting up to 100 delegate units to four chains.
  • once a device is connected to the central unit, it is immediately ready for use without further adjustments.
  • offers a user-friendly, menu-driven configuration tool to adapt the setup to local conditions if required.
  • for additional functionality, the DCen32 is equipped with a network interface to allow remote control from various applications via brählerOS, e.g. software microphone control on a geographic virtual microphone image and name management.
  • for improved sound reinforcement, the DCen32 has a built-in, easy-to-use 8x32 audio matrix that allows all incoming audio signals from any microphone line to be routed to a specific output or DANTE channel. This ensures clear audio management for even more complex setups with a single control unit.
  • In addition, connected chairman units can be routed separately to each output for individual mixing.




The new generation of BRÄHLER‘s DIGIMIC 32 conference system will incorporate a Dante enabled audio interface for both DIGIMIC system interconnection and interoperability with 3rd party digital audio systems.

  • Easy and cost-effective audio interfacing
  • Provides a choice of up to 32 high- quality audio channels used for distribution of interpretation and floor channels.
  • Complete, high performance digital DIGIMIC media networking toolkit
  • True plug and play, with label-based routing
  • Widespread adoption, highest DCen and 3rd party device interoperability
  • Supports existing Ethernet switches or AVB switch
  • High Performance
  • Sample accurate timing
  • High quality, low jitter audio clocks
  • Ultra-low latency

DIGIMIC mini: DCen32 mini

Die zentrale Steuereinheit für kleinere Konferenzen

An entire conference system in a practical aluminium box - that's DIGIMIC mini. This special system of the DIGIMIC family is ideal for meetings or smaller conferences.

  • The DIGIMIC mini convinces not only by its timeless, simple design, but also by its easy handling. The microphone units are connected to the compact central unit. A small, directional plug with automatic locking ensures clear cabling.
  • The DCen mini central control unit controls all connected delegate units of the DIGIMIC system, configures them automatically and forwards the digital audio signals.
  • The DCen mini operates independently in three different microphone modes: AUT, FLOAT and VOX.
  • Up to 25 microphone units can be connected to the DIGIMIC mini compact control unit, which can be easily expanded if required, as additional refreshing power supplies can be integrated.
  • As soon as a unit is connected to the central control unit, it is immediately ready for use without any further settings. 
  • No configuration or connection to a PC is required. In conjunction with the software brählerOS, the DCen mini can also be controlled via software.
  • Stowed away in a high-quality aluminium box, DIGIMIC mini can be used as a mobile unit and is quick and easy to set up and dismantle.
  • Completely silent operation
  • Modern and timeless design
  • Easily expandable for additional requirements

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The central control unit for smaller conferences