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DIGIMIC modular. Our standardized DIGIMIC lean+ units based on our experience.

With DIGIMIC lean+, all functions of a call station can be flexibly combined, exchanged and extended with each other using a wide variety of data and media connections. DIGIMIC modular was developed in order to make the multitude of possibilities clearer. The system is based on standard DIGIMIC lean+ units, which were created on the result of years of experience. This allows immediate access to solutions that combine all important functions for a successful conference project.


Compact and efficient

The microphone with a push-to-talk function creates optimal conditions for the speaker.

The integrated loudspeaker not only provides decentralized audio but also switches off automatically as soon as the microphone is switched on.

All commercially available headphones (3.5 mm jack) can be connected to the headphone socket allowing the volume to be adjusted individually using the two buttons. 

Like all DIGIMIC lean+ modular units, this one is also available in a Chairman version. Here the chairman of the conference has a special priority. With the override button, he can mute all delegate units.


Even more space for individual solutions

In addition to the above unit, Brähler Systems offers the possibility of custom chassis, which provides space for individual requirements - such as USB or network connection.  

The way in of hearing the speaker can also be selected. Whether loudspeakers for decentralized sound reinforcement, headphones or without audio playback - you have the choice. 

Speak, listen and ...

The integrated speaker switches off automatically as soon as the microphone is switched on. All commercially available headphones (3.5 mm jack) can be connected to the headphone socket.

Here, as well, the uniform and individually configurable custom module allows an optimal configuration for every requirement of media technology and network connections. With them, requirements regarding data, video, audio connections, and power supply are individually fulfilled. 

Modularity meets RFID technology

This DIGIMIC lean+ modular unit has channel selector, voting function and optional identification in conjunction with an RFID card reader. 

The channel selector transmits up to 32 language channels - floor plus 31 languages. 

A tailor-made complete conference solution

Each conference project is individual and so our customers want to have the possibility to choose not only between different options regarding design, hardware, and software, but also regarding functionality. With DIGIMIC lean+ all functions of a call station, with the most different data and media connections can be flexibly combined with each other, exchanged and extended. 

Thus this DIGIMIc lean+ unit offers space for individual solutions - such as USB or network connections - in addition to the most important functions of a conference station. This is made possible by a custom-chassi, which can be filled out according to the requirements. 

Trendsetting design for perfect integration

For the integration of the DIGIMIC lean+ modular units, two table mounting rivets are available. They are the last component in the DIGIMIC lean+ system that allows the discreet integration of conference technology into its environment.

The Power Frame (see picture on the left) is made of powder-coated sheet steel. It is available in silver-grey, stainless steel and black. Elegant and discreet, it encloses the DIGIMIC lean+ unit and integrates it harmoniously into the table. 

The Power Frame Cover (see picture on the right) model consists of a frame with aluminium flap. This protects the DIGIMIC lean+ modular unit when it is not in use. The discreet appearance of the Power Frame Cover model allows it to fit perfectly into the conference room.

This frame is available in silver-grey and black.