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Brähler's network-based conferencing technology


  • Quickly create an intuitive graphical interface
  • User-defined presentation methods
  • Freely configurable screen layout
  • Highlighting of delegates through individual graphical attributes
  • Workspace can be made visible on multiple monitors
  • Display of the active speaker and the list of requests to speak can be displayed including a photo

CamControl - Camera Control

  • Integrates a video camera system into the DIGIMIC conference environment
  • Works with SONY HD-SDI cameras as well as other VISCA/Protocol compatible cameras
  • Allows configuration of an unlimited number of cameras
  • Presets are stored in the camera, the number depends on the camera type
  • HD-SDI video switcher support
  • Previously set configurations are stored in the database of the configured room and are autromatically recalled when the room is started again.
  • Configurable switching modes

DIGIVOTE - parliamentary vote

  • 2 - 5 voting keys
  • Voting editor
  • Possibility to conduct both open and secret elections
  • Manage voting rights
  • Identification is done with RFID technology
  • Number of total and individual results
  • Rules for quorum and majorities
  • Special treatment of abstentions and votes not cast

Speaking Time Management

  • absolute speaking time
  • Speaking time account
  • Different allocations for
    • individual delegates
    • Groups of delegates
    • Groups of microphones
    • different conference modes
    • or uniformly for the entire conference
  • display in the software by:
    • a speaking time lamp
    • a timer

IdentControl - Registration

  • Reading and writing of delegate badges is done by RFID technology
  • Time-saving, flexible seat allocation through automatic identification of delegates
  • Individual activation of access to various functions (e.g. voting)