Our software solution for your conferences

Flexible, individual, scalable and future-proof.
A hardware-software symbiosis from Brähler

The software

Our management software brählerOS is a sophisticated conference operating system that allows you to manage your conferences from start to finish. Create, manage, control, prepare and follow up conferences – all in one software A wide variety of software components offer you a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of functions. A single system or several systems in parallel operation – brählerOS makes it possible to flexibly combine systems and rooms.

Future-proof through regular software updates

Always up to date! An integrated update server makes it easy to add applications and/or system updates remotely. brählerOS thus offers a high degree of future security for your system.

brählerOS Engine

From the Main Tool Bar you can make all the basic settings you need to manage and control your conferences.

brählerOS Conference-Operator

Intuitive applications make it easy to control individual conferences.

brählerOS Delegate-App

Greatest possible convenience for conference participants: agenda items, conference documents, film and photo material, participant lists, contact information, etc. can be viewed at a glance.

brählerOS Engine

Create and manage your conferences via the brählerOS main tool bar. Clear structures enable intuitive operation of the software.

Here you configure among others:

  • Your conference room: Integrate the required hardware for one or more rooms into the system.
  • The conference participants: Include all conference participants and corresponding information in the database.
  • Conference parameters: Set the desired parameters within the software – from microphone mode to talk times to log in.
  • Interpreting: Specify, among other things, which language is heard on which channel.
  • Votes: Create parliamentary votes and associated parameters such as response options, duration, and mode.

brählerOS Conference-Operator

The brählerOS Conference Operator is part of the brählerOS software. It can be used to recreate conferences with optical precision and control them live. The software is clearly designed and can thus be operated intuitively. Numerous elements such as microphone control, voting, result display, interpreting or agenda can be placed on 10 freely configurable pages. The combination of different elements on one page is also possible with the brählerOS Conference operator.. By controlling the individual pages separately, it is possible to present different content on different screens at the same time.

brählerOS Delegate-App

The brählerOS Delegate App is also part of the brählerOS management system. In combination with the multimedia units from Brähler Systems, the conference participants get access to all relevant information about the conference events, such as:

  • Agenda items
  • Documents on topics and people
  • Film and photo material
  • List of participants and speakers
  • Contact information

The information can also be updated during live operation via the brählerOS system – and thus the conference topics are always up to date.

With the integrated channel selector for up to 32 channels and volume control as well as a voting function, with questions and result display on each individual delegate unit, all settings and information can be done faster and easier than ever before – in 10 different operating languages.

Applications to control your conference

Effectiveness – we at Brähler Systems attach great importance to this. To make the management and control of your conference as convenient as possible, we have developed various applications that are intuitive to use. The network-based architecture allows different conference applications (e.g. microphone control, registration of delegates, voting administration) to be distributed to different terminals if required. This provides the individual operator with a task-optimized interface for simple and effective operation.

The hardware

smart DIGIMIC – made in Germany

High-quality, modern and customized on request – the smart DIGIMIC multimedia units from Brähler Systems. In conjunction with our brählerOS software solution, groundbreaking conditions for modern conference communication have been created here.

The display housing of the multimedia units is milled from a single block of aluminum and shows an elegant and timeless design. The functions of the integrated call station are based on the latest DIGIMIC technology. The touch display allows conference participants to conveniently view all relevant conference documents and thus efficiently participate in the conference proceedings.

SMic installation Canton Glarus, Switzerland

DIGIMICsignature – individual & customized

Every conference is different – that’s why we also design our DIGIMIC multimedia units individually according to your wishes and circumstances. Through custom designs, our multimedia solutions can be integrated into almost any room.

Our Smart Conferencing Concept

DIGIMIC hardware and brählerOS software have been specially matched to each other, so that an existing conference system can always be expanded due to the constantly growing requirements.

This makes our system particularly sustainable and forward-looking.

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