Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Installation of a Digimic conference system and an INFRACOM simultaneous interpreting system

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Djibouti

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Djibouti, since 2005 under the leadership of Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, has been able to successfully implement its wish to modernize the conference room with the support of Brähler Systems Germany.

Initial situation

  • The existing analog push-to-talk tabletop conferencing system was outdated and unreliable. In addition, the conference room appeared untidy due to the freely visible cabling.
  • Due to the lack of microphones, there was no opportunity for guests in the audience area of the conference room to make requests to speak.
  • Simultaneous interpretation was not possible due to the lack of interpreting booths and equipment.
  • There was no camera system automatically controlled by the conference technology.
  • The existing loudspeaker system was not designed for speech transmission, which consequently led to reduced speech intelligibility.
  • The security of a trouble-free power supply of the conference system by a UPS was no longer given.
  • Presentations could only be shown on a screen by means of a low-light projector and were thus difficult to see.
  • The conference room could not meet the increasing demand for video conferencing.

Customer requirements

A high-quality, modern, flexible and reliable audio and video conferencing system was required, which also included simultaneous interpreting technology.

Another requirement for the conferencing system was the ability to participate in online conferences via Zoom, MS Teams or alternative web conferencing providers.

To ensure that there would be no misunderstandings between planning and implementation and that all the used system components would harmonize with each other without any problems, the customer wanted a complete solution from one supplier.

Solution by Brähler Systems

In order to meet the customer’s wish for “everything from a single source”, Brähler Systems offered not only a DIGIMIC conference system and an INFRACOM simultaneous interpreting system from its own range, but also some system components from well-known third-party suppliers as part of a complete solution.

Our offer convinced: since May 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Djibouti is now equipped with a state-of-the-art conference system from Brähler Systems!

The system was successfully installed in the middle of May by employees of Brähler Systems and then handed over to the local managers with extensive on-site training. During the installation phase, Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf repeatedly informed himself in person about the new conference facility and its features.

The details

  • 32 microphone units of the current DIGIMIC CMic series are available to the conference participants. The audio system is supplemented by 6 additional wireless microphones, which are controlled via our DIGIMIC software.
  • Our INFRACOM simultaneous interpreting system enables transmission via infrared light in addition to wired transmission. For translation, the interpreters now have access to professional dometrical booths
  • The PA system of the conference room was completely renewed.
  • All speakers will be optimally shown in the picture via our Brähler Systems PTZ camera system Via software, the active speaker is automatically captured by one of the two cameras and displayed on multiple LCD screens.
  • 4 large format LCD screens are used to display all video information in the room. This allows participants and guests to follow the conference proceedings seamlessly.
  • Data for presentations can be transmitted either wired from various locations in the hall via HDMI/HDBaseT or via a secure WLAN conference solution.
  • Via a web presenter, the multimedia conferencing system can be easily connected to ZOOM, MS Teams or other video conferencing platforms. In this way, participants who are not present in person can also take part in the conference online and share documents or presentations with the other conference participants via their own PC.
  • To ensure that all components are protected against voltage fluctuations and power failures, the installed conference equipment is located on a fused 230V UPS sub-distribution.

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