Infrared transmitter

Infracom ICen IV – Infrared transmitter
Art.-No. 06.4600

ICen IV – Product information


The ICen IV compact transmitter is used within the INFRACOM conference system to transmit 8 audio channels using infrared light. ICen IV operates on frequencies from 1935 – 3175 kHz.

The audio signal is converted into a modulated transmit signal and radiated via connected INFRACOM radiators IRad. The original language (OR) and up to 7 other channels are transmitted simultaneously on different carrier frequencies.

The transmitted signals are received by the INFRACOM receiver IRX and can then be listened to via headphones.

Each transmission channel can be switched on individually and assigned to one of 32 possible frequencies.

Built-in IR transmitter diodes allow function control even without connected IR emitters.

Colored LEDs signal the switched-on IR channels as well as the audio level on each channel and indicate the switch-on states of the respective interpreter channels.

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