DIGIMIC modular

Our standardized DIGIMIC lean units based on our empirical values

The DIGIMIC modular system is based on standardised DIGIMIC lean+ units that have been pre-configured based on years of experience. This provides immediate access to solutions that combine all the important functions for a successful conference project.

Individually equippable custom module – more space for individual solutions

All units of the DIGIMIC modular series have an individually equipable custom module that allows an optimal configuration for any media technology and network connection requirements.

They are used to individually meet requirements in terms of data, video and audio connections and power supply.

They enable optimal configuration for any media technology and network connection requirement.

You can select suitable elements from the modules below, which can then be snapped into the frame in just a few simple steps.

The custom modules

Groundbreaking design for perfect integration

For the integration of the DIGIMIC lean+ modular units, two installation slots are available for table installation. Both models allow for the discreet integration of conference technology into their environment.


Under the name DIGIMIC lean+ you can individually configure your conference system from various conference and custom modules.

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