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DIGIMIC signature

For all customized solutions with that little extra

With the DIGIMIC signature product line, Brähler Systems responds to individual customer wishes and needs and provides you with customized solutions. Here you as the customer determine the appearance and configuration of your conference equipment

Brähler Systems smart DIGIMIC multimedia solutions

Hybrid conference unit SChair133D

SChair133D Hybrid – the new standard for online conferences

With the SChair133D Hybrid, we are launching our first chairperson conference unit with Windows operating system. In this way, conference participants who are not present in person can be added online via Zoom, MS Teams or other web conference providers. Of course, all other Windows functions are also available: you can create documents, presentations, calculations, etc. and share them online with the other conference participants or go online via the web browser.

In addition, the SChair133D Hybrid offers all the advantages of Brähler Systems conference technology – for example, microphones can be controlled or voting can be carried out with our brählerOS software solutions.

The SChair133D Hybrid is also available as a delegate unit SMic133D Hybrid.

Other smart DIGIMIC multimedia units

With the smart DIGIMIC multimedia units SMic133 and the SMic123W, Brähler Systems has developed high-quality and modern conference units which, in combination with the software solution brählerOS, create groundbreaking communication conditions.

True to the smart conferencing guiding principles, we also always adapt the multimedia units to customer needs and room conditions.

Some examples can already be found in well-known conference venues such as the World Conference Center in Bonn.

Customized solutions – DIGIMICalways redefined

Get an impression of the wide range of possibilities DIGIMIC signature offers you by looking at the following pictures.

Signature flush mount unit

This elegant interpretation of a DIGIMIC lean+ unit is 100% adapted to customer needs.

  • flexible in form and function
  • Available in different colors
  • can be discreetly integrated into the table and interior design
Individualized signature installation unit

This DIGIMIC lean+ unit in the Power Frame Cover Custom frame – as a custom tuning unit.

  • the key modules were printed in national language
  • color coding of the modules according to customer requirements
  • the frame can be closed as soon as the voting is done
  • a discreet, elegant and functional solution
Einbaueinheit Signature

The proof: we adapt our conference technology to every room.

In the course of a system upgrade, this solution was inserted into an existing cutout. (Image: European Central Bank Frankfurt)

  • Combination of conference technology and media technology
  • USB and network
Digimic signature delegate unit

Even if there is little space, we will find a solution.

  • an elegant delegate unit – designed for a lectern
  • connected to the UTM device

DIGIMIC lean – The modular multi-talent for customer-specific solutions

Digimic lean+ installation unit

DIGIMIC lean – The modular multi-talent for customer-specific solutions

With DIGIMIC lean+, all functions of an intercom station can be flexibly combined, exchanged and expanded with the most diverse data and media connections. The “modular principle” on which this product line is based makes DIGIMIC lean+ a multi-talent that uniquely meets the individual requirements of the user and the conference. Due to its harmonious design and the final combination with high-quality frames, DIGIMIC lean+ can be integrated completely in the style of the house. Flexible in form and function, on the table or in the table, elegant to almost invisible.

The conference modules

Every single component of DIGIMIC has been rethought, made extremely smaller and optimized for flexibility, so you can take exactly what you need from the resulting modules.

Configure a conference system that is perfectly tailored to your needs. You can choose from 14 different built-in modules.

Built-in module microphone connector

Microphone socket

Built-in module microphone connector with activation button

Microphone jack with push button

Built-in module microphone connector with chairman function

Microphone jack with double push button

Built-in module microphone activation

Microphone push button

Built-in module chairman button

Chairman button

Built-in module loudspeaker


Built-in module headphone jack

Headphone jack

Built-in module headphone jack with volume control

Headphone jack with volume control

Built-in module quad keypad

Quad keypad

Built-in module Schuko plug

Schuko plug

Custom module USB charger

USB Charger

Custom module blank cover

Cover custom module

Built-in module display

Channel selector with OLED display

Built-in module display with RFID slot

Channel selector with OLED display and RFID card reader

Individually equippable custom module

In addition to the permanently installed conference modules, DIGIMIC lean+ is decisively supplemented by uniform and powerful custom modules. They are used to individually meet requirements in terms of data, and video, audio connections and power supply.

They allow an optimal configuration for any media technology and network connection requirement and can be plugged into the custom module in just a few simple steps.

Custom module blank cover

Cover custom module

Custom module USB port centered

USB port

Custom module jack and USB

Jack plug and USB port

Custom module USB and HDMI

USB port and HDMI plug

Custom module microphone socket, 3-pole

Microphone port 3-pole

Custom module HDMI socket

HDMI plug

Custom module DP socket

Display Port

Custom module CAT6 and USB

USB port and CAT6 plug

Custom module CAT6 and jack

CAT6 and jack connectors

Custom module CAT6 socket

CAT6 connector

Custom modules CAT6 and HDMI

CAT6 and HDMI connector

Custom module USB charger

USB Charger

Custom module keypad quadruple

Quad keypad

DIGIMIC modular

Under the name DIGIMIC modular we offer already configured and quickly available DIGIMIC lean+ solutions.

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