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DIGIMIC lean+. The modular and versatile solution for customer-specific solutions.


With DIGIMIC lean+ you can combine all of the functions of conference technology — in modular construction. For flexible combination and expansion with the widest variety of data and media connections. In addition to the technical options, the art of furnishing a conference space with conference technology lies in the perfection of integration. „Perfection“ means individual access to the conference technology, energy and data supply in the most elegant and discrete way. We have designed DIGIMIC lean+ so that it is integratable anywhere, fitting with the style of the company. Flexible in form and function, as tabletop models or models integrated into the table, elegant to nearly invisible.

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Der DIGIMIC lean+ Produktkonfigurator

With this product configurator, complex and individual DIGIMIC lean+ units can be configured in function, form and colour in the shortest possible time. The unit can be accessed within the product configurator by means of a subsequently generated code. Send the code to our sales department for further advice. 

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Brähler's tailor-made solutions - DIGIMIC always redefined

This elegant interpretation of a DIGIMIC lean+ unit is 100% adapted to customer needs. 

  • flexible in form and function
  • available in different colours 
  • can be discreetly integrated into the table and the interior design

This DIGIMIC lean+ unit in a Power Frame Cover Custom frame - modified to a tailormade voting unit.. 

  • the modules were printed with the corresponding national language
  • colour labelling of the modules according to customer requirements
  • the frame can be closed as soon as the vote has taken place 
  • a discreet, elegant and functional solution


The proof: We adapt our conference technology to every room.

In the course of a system upgrade, this solution was inserted into an existing cut-out. (Image: European Central Bank Frankfurt)

  • Combination of conference technology and media technology
  • USB and Network 

We use any space for your conference solution

  • an elegant microphone unit designed for a speaker's desk
  • Connected to the UTM device

Brähler Systems smart DIGIMIC multimedia solutions

With our smart DIGIMIC multimedia units SMic133 or SMic070, Brähler Systems has developed high-quality and modern conference units which, in combination with the software solution brählerOS, create groundbreaking communication conditions. 

According to our smart Conferencing principles, we always adapt the multimedia units to customer needs and room conditions. 

Some examples can already be found in well-known conference venues such as the World Conference Center in Bonn

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DPU - Brähler Systems Peripheral Device

The DPU is a flexible and compact Connect Box that connects a delegate unit from the DIGIMIC family with a commercially available touch monitor.

  • compact interface box
  • compatible with almost any touchscreen monitor 
  • connects the delegate unit with the Delegate App
  • Size and manufacturer can be selected according to individual needs

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