Chamber of Commerce, Vojvodina in Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia)

The Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce in Novi Sad in the Republic of Serbia wanted to replace its outdated conference technology with new, state-of-the-art and advanced technology. Brähler Systems was able to successfully realise this wish in cooperation with its local partner, Studio Berar doo.

Initial situation

The existing system had been in use for over 10 years, was no longer technically up to date and unreliable.

In terms of space, the Chamber of Commerce has several conference rooms, each of which has to meet different requirements. The rooms “great hall”, “small hall” and the “director room” are all equipped with conference facilities. In addition to the conference rooms, there are interpreters’ booths, a press room and a control room.

  • Great hall: the Chamber of Commerce’s main and largest congress and presentation room with a capacity for 100 people. In addition, there are several interpreting booths in this area.
  • Small hall: Conference room for up to 30 people.
  • Director’s room: This room, with a capacity for up to 30 people as well, is used for meetings and is adjacent to the director’s office.
  • Press room with camera technology
  • Interpreter booths with a total of 5 workstations
  • Control room: The control room is located directly behind the large conference room. All conference rooms are controlled from here (conference, video and audio systems).

Customer requirements

A high-quality, modern, flexible and reliable audio and video conferencing system was required, which also included simultaneous interpreting technology.

The client wanted detailed advice before placing the order. Based on these discussions, different solution variants were developed and presented in detail. Im Anschluss an die Präsentation wurde entschieden, welche Lösung umgesetzt werden soll.

Solution from Brähler Systems in conjunction with our partner Studio Berar doo

In accordance with the customer’s wishes, a variant with 3 DIGIMIC conference systems, interpreting and camera technology, the brählerOS software control system and INFRACOM infrared transmission technology in 2 rooms was ultimately chosen. Further required technology was additionally offered, delivered and installed by our partner Studio Berar doo as part of a complete solution and then handed over to the customer on site.

The system was handed over to the customer in March 2020. Since then, the new, modern conference technology has been reliably in use!

Throughout the decision-making phase, the Brähler Systems team worked very closely with its partner Studio Berar doo, who then also carried out the technical integration.

The details

  • The rooms of the Chamber of Commerce were equipped with 3 DIGIMIC conference systems. A brählerOS B1 server and corresponding brählerOS software with modules for microphone control and interpreter management were installed to control the system.
  • The conference technology can be controlled centrally in the control room by 3 Brähler Systems DCen control units. CMic ID units are available to the conference participants. The Chairperson can lead the conferences through the Chairperson’s Unit SChair133.
  • Professional interpreting booths equipped with DDol32 desks are available to the interpreters. The INFRACOM simultaneous interpreting system enables the transmission and reception of the translated channels via infrared light.
  • The Brähler Systems camera system puts all speakers in the best possible light. PTZ cameras are located in all rooms and are controlled centrally from the control room by means of an IP camera controller.
  • High-quality accessories such as headphones and microphones ensure good sound and a comfortable feeling even during longer conferences.

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