Digital interpreter console

Interpreter console DDol

DDol – Digital interpreter console
Art.-No. 05.0760

DDol – Product information


The DDol digital interpreter console offers the best conditions for your conference. It has 32 audio channels – floor and 31 languages.

The clear operation, the large, bright display and the illuminated keys enable simple and intuitive operation. Up to 3 selectable output channels and 5 preset monitoring languages are also a matter of course. In addition, the DIGIMIC DDol has separate call channels – the exchange between interpreter and technical team or the conference chairperson is thus guaranteed.

The DIGIMIC DDol complies with current IEC standards. Braille lettering facilitates operation for visually impaired interpreters. Acoustic signals optionally support the operation. It has a talk time and clock display and supports hearing headsets according to the IEC standard.

All common (mono and stereo) headphones can be easily connected to the console and, in combination with various types of microphones or combined headsets, guarantee maximum comfort for the interpreter. The interpreter console is divided into 3 sections:

Speaking area

  • Three preselectable output channels (A/B/C)
  • Red backlit microphone button
  • Cough button- to temporarily mute the microphone
  • Clear display of active and occupied channels

Listening channels

  • 5 preset listening channels
  • separate “Original” button for listening to the floor sound
  • Relay translation quality indicator


  • Loudspeaker with language selector for listening to all language channels
  • Muting of all speakers within an interpreter booth as soon as an interpreter console is active

Additional functions

  • Technician call and chairman call
  • Autorelay feature
  • Different modes for channel takeover in case of busy language channels
  • Acoustic Hearing Guard for signaling a too high headphone level
  • Peak level limitation to prevent hearing damage
  • Speaking time display, cumulative
  • Messages and “Speak Slow” signaling in connection with brählerOS software

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