DIGIMIC CMic & CChair (ID)

The all-rounder with channel selector


The new CMic ID offers you improved technology in a sleek design.

The new CMic ID allows cost-effective cabling with RJ45 connectors, which also enables faster installation. A new circuit design reduces power consumption, allowing more microphone units to be operated from one DIGIMIC central unit.

Conferences can be optimally designed with the CMic microphone with push-to-talk and speech function; voting function and channel selector provide the best possible conditions for the conference participants.

The channel selector lets you choose from 32 language channels. The selected channel is shown on the display in the corresponding language. The OLED display automatically adapts to its environment. It shines brightly and without glare, even in darkened conference rooms.

The CMic has integrated loudspeakers for decentralized sound reinforcement, which automatically switch off when the microphone is activated. In addition, each unit has an individually adjustable headphone input.


The CMic ID is also available in a chairman version. It gives special priority to the chair of a conference. By pressing the override button, the conference chair can mute all delegate units.

CMic ID & CChair ID

CMic and CChair are also available as a version with contactless RFID card reader. In this way, each participant can be identified via his or her personal RFID card. Delegates may also be shown by name in lists of requests to speak with any seating arrangement, and voting privileges and results of public votes may be personally assigned. Suitable for cards according to ISO/IEC 14443A standard.

Other CMic delegate units

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